Monday, October 11, 2010

What happened this weekend!

I had planned on finishing my lamp project this weekend but that didn't happen. I went and had awesome Mexican food with some friends who moved to Northern Virginia on Friday, went to the Central Michigan University v. VT football game, went out for dinner again, went to bed really early on Saturday, woke up, did laundry, went to a really neat antique store, had dinner with Josh, went to bed! Here's the pictures that show it all.

This is the only picture I took from the tailgate.

The Corp of Cadets with the canon.

Only picture I got of the fly over!

Hokie Bird was dressed in Pink for breast cancer awareness month.

View of Lane Stadium

A little sneak peak of the cute antique store that Holly and I visited today. We meet two really fun ladies and saw a lot of great items at awesome prices. Holly took really great pictures while I talked and shopped. You can check out more of Holly's photography on her photography blog.

I'll be back later with all the pictures and the whole story on this fun shop!


  1. nice seats at the game! i can't wait to see your full blog post on the curiosity shoppe!

  2. My mom really enjoyed your visit to The Curiosity Shoppe. Looks like you found some real treasures!