Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coke Crate or Coffee Table Wrangler

I have been trying to limit the amount of house stuff that I buy lately. When Holly and I visited the Curiosity Shop a few weeks ago, I saw a lot of stuff that I wanted but nothing I really needed. I saw this Coke crate and knew that I didn't want it but I NEEDED it!

The store had crates with lots of little compartments for individual bottles but I opted for the 4 section crate.
Coca-Cola is stamped all over the crate.

This crate was only $16.00! Pottery Barn sells Pepsi crates for $24.00 + S&H. I am a Coke girl and I liked the yellow paint on the crate I bought.
Credit: Pottery Barn

I love Hudson Goods use of this crate. They have a whole post on soda crates and some for sale on their site.

Here's how I decided to use my crate

I added some candles. I needed  to add some height to this centerpiece. The remotes fit in the space just right.

I left one space empty.  I didn't want to load the crate down with junk
I cleaned up the rest of the living room because the crate looked so nice.

Tre says " Do you mind?"
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  1. You are putting this crate to good use...hop over and share it at my party!


  2. Cool -- I use a similar one on my kitchen counter top; it holds pencils, notepaper, and vitamins! I love the sturdiness of it!