Thursday, July 28, 2011

Success and misc catching up!

As per Holly's urging, I am back to playing on my blog! I have done a lot of fun stuff but I haven't blogged about it! Part of the issue is that the desktop computer here doesn't want to cooperate with me when I want to upload pictures! I can't stand blogs without pictures! So here's a couple of pictures. Lame but they are pictures! Here's some highlights of what's going on with me:
  1. I have a job! It's Media on the Battlefield. From what I understand, I am a role player who pretends to be a reporter and helps the soldiers who are getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan, learn about how to work with the media. I start that on Monday. They already told me that they don't have any work for me Sept or Oct. Awesome! That's my kind of job!
  2. I just finished my receptionist training for Weight Watchers and I should be going to Leader training some time this fall when I am not working my "real job". For those who don't speak Weight Watchers, it's the person who weighs in people and takes the money. It's a lot harder than it looks. It has really made me appreciate the people who have worked at my meetings
  3. I am in the beginning stages of getting some crafts together to sell at a local craft/gift store. I have always wanted to do something like that and now I have the time!
I promise to get my act together with this blog! Thanks for sticking around! I did lose one follower while I was gone!
Hose reel that's made for a 100 foot hose, I got a 150 foot!

My little container garden. I threw away a lot of plants because they died off in the 100+ degree weather. Since this picture was taking, the fern has gotten really crunchy!

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Playing with Flickr

I am about to throw the computer across the room! Holly said that I could upload pics easier with Flickr. Not so sure!