Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House Progress: More living room fun

I spent most of my time unpacking boxes and putting things in the right room or pile. I haven't figured out what I want on the walls yet. I like meaningful, interesting art. I don't like mass produced art work from Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I will continue to think about that. We also need new pillows for the living room. I am not sure what color to go with. The rest of the room is really neutral. Ideas?

Before I messed with anything

Big living room 

We are working on making this a wine bar area. The lamp got a little broken in transit but I can just glue it back. 
Little arrangement that's not too over done.
Love this little arrangement. Josh got the Muqtada al Sadr picture in Iraq. I think that it's really funny.  It adds an interesting punch to any arrangement don't you think?
I lined up all of my animal figurines so I could see what I had. Darkness was fascinated with the line up. Josh was nervous that this was their destination! They have been distributed around the house. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Living room in progress: Crappy curtains

We made some progress in the living room. I really trying hard not to have too much clutter and junk in the house. I usually like tables topped with tons of knick-knacks. I want our new house to much more serene and airy. We are going to get a new couch and bookcases this summer. 
Heres some pictures of the progress so far and some window covering drama!

So much wrong with this picture! I spray painted a plastic pvc pipe for a curtain rod, it was okay expect for how it bowed once it was up. This would work much better for a small window. 
I thought that white sheets would look great as curtains. The white didn't look good at all, Josh told me they wouldn't but he was sweet enough to let me try it. He was also handy and put up the rods for me and didn't laugh at the crappy curtains!

I hate buying curtains because they are usually overpriced and use cheap-o fabric. I found these faux suede curtains with the grommets at Walmart for cheaper than I could have made them. Much, much better than the white meth house curtains.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snotty Bride

I caught something while I was in Louisiana last week. I am still feeling gross. My nose is stuffed up and my throat is killing me. I was laying on the couch stalking other blogs and found this wedding post. It's pretty much exactly what I want for my wedding: simple, pretty, casual. Check out the wedding at Cherry Hill Cottage:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break Update

Hey! I always say that I don't update my blog because I don't have anything to take pictures of at my apartment (everything is now here in Louisiana). I have been unpacking, spray painting, rearranging and loving being here with Josh!
I have pretty much everything out of the boxes and now trying to figure out where everything goes. Josh and I bought several totes this week! So here's what's going on so far!
One thing that is done, the bedding on our bedding. It's Ralph Lauren and really plush. I have enjoyed watching TV in bed in the morning.
A big corner with NOTHING there. I want this house to be open and not cluttered but the corner needs something.
Walk in that became really small after I put most of our stuff in it
Uniform Closet- All for Josh!
My sink with misc clutter
More pictures to come!