Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break Update

Hey! I always say that I don't update my blog because I don't have anything to take pictures of at my apartment (everything is now here in Louisiana). I have been unpacking, spray painting, rearranging and loving being here with Josh!
I have pretty much everything out of the boxes and now trying to figure out where everything goes. Josh and I bought several totes this week! So here's what's going on so far!
One thing that is done, the bedding on our bedding. It's Ralph Lauren and really plush. I have enjoyed watching TV in bed in the morning.
A big corner with NOTHING there. I want this house to be open and not cluttered but the corner needs something.
Walk in that became really small after I put most of our stuff in it
Uniform Closet- All for Josh!
My sink with misc clutter
More pictures to come!


  1. COngrats on the house! Love the color of your walls. Did you paint it or was it like that already. Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to see more pics!

  2. It came pre done! I didn't like the cream color before. It's slightly yellow but once we put our things in, it looked a lot better!

  3. About time you update your blog!