Saturday, February 5, 2011

Little Updates

Hi! My life hasn't been that crafty or exciting recently. I work, go to school and workout. I joined Weight Watchers for the 2nd time, 3 weeks ago. I have been really working the plan and I am only down 4.2 lbs. It's really bugging me. My goal this week is just to relax and go with the plan. I am making healthy changes, it's just that I want to be skinny again NOW! :)

Josh and I have been doing some online shopping together. We bought a clock for the living room on ebay. I have no clue what it looks like but Josh said that he liked it in person. Josh has been working on the house and sends me update pics periodically! I can't wait till next month to go back to Louisiana and spend time with him and set up the house.
Here's what Josh has done with the place thus far:
The house didn't have towel bars or toilet paper holders.  Josh had to install these.

Towel bars and sweet Asher. I am sure that the cats were a huge help

Livingroom with the new clock on the wall. It's supposed to be 24" wide.

Josh's totally iced over truck. This is when a garage is nice to have. The other car was nice and ice free in the garage.

I am going to go pickup Girl Scout cookies today! Terrific! I am only going to eat one a day! My cookie of choice.. Carmel Delites!!

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