Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House Progress: More living room fun

I spent most of my time unpacking boxes and putting things in the right room or pile. I haven't figured out what I want on the walls yet. I like meaningful, interesting art. I don't like mass produced art work from Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I will continue to think about that. We also need new pillows for the living room. I am not sure what color to go with. The rest of the room is really neutral. Ideas?

Before I messed with anything

Big living room 

We are working on making this a wine bar area. The lamp got a little broken in transit but I can just glue it back. 
Little arrangement that's not too over done.
Love this little arrangement. Josh got the Muqtada al Sadr picture in Iraq. I think that it's really funny.  It adds an interesting punch to any arrangement don't you think?
I lined up all of my animal figurines so I could see what I had. Darkness was fascinated with the line up. Josh was nervous that this was their destination! They have been distributed around the house. 

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  1. hahahaha i love that picture from iraq! i'm glad you finally put it on your blog. i'm also very glad that you have finally decided to stop neglecting your blog!