Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Im here!

In case you forgot what I looked like! Here's some pictures from Jon and Sarah's OBX wedding. Josh and I got to spend some time with our friends from VT.

The other day I logged into blogger and saw that I lost a follower! They probably figured I was never going to come back! But here I am!
Here's what happened, just the highlights!
  • I had my final defense, and got my MS degree!
  • Josh and I were reunited and went to a wedding in the OBX
  • In transit from Virginia to Lousiana my car, that I wanted to live for another 2 years, had to be sold for scrap! First the ABS brakes went out and then the transmissions started to lose it about 30 min outside of Birmingham, AL. I got $302 for my car and the rental car came out to over $500.
  • Cats and Dogs aren't intergrating that well! It's manageable with the spray collars and a shock collar but it's not ideal!
  • So I'm here and getting adjusted to being in Louisiana! Darn it's hot! I need to blog more with all of my time off!
Tre snuggling in the clean laundry the night before we left VA

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  1. where are your glorious engagement pix?!

    it's about time you got back on here and updated your blog, you've been a kept woman for like a month now! get on the stick!