Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kitchen Advice Wanted

Kitchen in new house in Louisiana
I have a problem. I want white cabinets in my new kitchen. The following are the reasons that I am hesitant to paint:
  1. None of the houses that we looked at had light cabinets. This was the lightest color that we saw. They are doing really dark cabinets in all of the new construction.
  2. Not that I care what other people are doing but Josh is with the Army and we will be reselling this house in 2-3 yrs and I would like it to sell.
  3. The counter tops are white and in perfect condition.We aren't going to replace these. I am good with white on white but I don't know if that will freak some people out who come to look at the house.
  4. I also wonder if the black appliances and the all white cabinets are going to look strange.
What do you think? I am linking up to White House Black Shutters for more opinions!


  1. paint it white! i wanted to paint my cabinets white, but my mom and grandparents told me that i shouldn't since it was a brand new house so since yours is used and if josh will let you, paint it paint it! i think the white with the white counters would look amazing together!

  2. I am afraid because it's new to paint. Whatca think about painting the bottom cabinets black and top ones white? Crazy? Tacky??