Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sock Monkey! That Funky Monkey!

I learned a lot writing this post! I originally wanted to embed a video of Beastie Boys "Brass Monkey". All of the videos that I could find were labeled as explicit or were just plain weird. I had no idea it was a "bad" song. I also didn't know what a brass monkey was. It turns out that it's an alcoholic beverage.

Here is the recipe for Brass Monkey:
1 part Orange Juice
3 parts Olde English Malt Liquor
Mix together in an empty Big Gulp cup as all of the ingredients may be purchased and probably are purchased from 7-11.
So I don't have a really fun video to play but I do have this cute monkey picture

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As the title promises, this is a tutorial for how to make sock monkeys. This are truly funky sock monkeys. This fall Holly and I saw some sock monkeys made from Virginia Tech socks. They were so cute but so $$$. So last week Holly and I got together to make some sock monkeys out of some patterned socks.
If you would like to craft along you will need the following materials:
One pair of  tube socks with a colored toe and heel
             Cotton batting for stuffing
             Ribbon (optional)
             Fabric pen or a marker
             Needle and thread
2 Buttons or 2 ½” googly eyes
Embroidery thread
Sewing machine
Fabric glue (optional)

Note: These are really fun to make but they are tricky to figure out. This is a good picture to look at to figure out what I am talking about!

            Tail1. Turn the second sock inside out.2. Lay the sock on its side so the heel and toe are parallel to your stomach. 3. Cut the colored toe off. This will be used as the monkey's hat or will be leftover scrap if you choose not to use the hat.4. Mark a line from the opening at the ankle to the opening at the toe that is 1" from the top of the sock all the way from one opening to the other.5. Make another line with a 1/4" seam allowance below the line from step 12, but this time make it from the opening at the ankle to just above the colored heel.6. Sew a seam down the line curving at one end like you did with the legs.7. Cut between the two seams.8. Turn the tail right side out.9. Fill it full of stuffing.10. Whip stitch the tail onto sock one just above the colored heel. 
Arms1. Cut the remaining part of the sock off just above the heel. 2. Draw a vertical line all the way down the center of this piece.3. Stitch two seams 1/4" in from each side of the vertical line curving them to the edge at one end to make hands. 4. Cut between the seams. 5. Turn them right side out.6. Fill with stuffing. 7. Whip stitch the arms onto sock one. 
Head1. Wrap embroidery thread around the first sock just above the arms to make a neck. 2. Cut the colored heel off of sock two.3. Whip stitch the heel 3/4 of the way to the face of sock one turning the edges in. 4. Fill with stuffing.5. Whip stitch closed. 6. Sew on button eyes or use fabric glue to attach googly eyes. 7. Using what is left from the foot of sock two cut out four half circles, these will be the ears.8. Sew two of the half circles together inside out most of the way. 9. Fill with stuffing.10. Sew the rest of the way up11. Repeat steps 8-10 from this section for the remaining two half circles.12. Whip stitch the ears to your sock monkey.  
Optional Steps:1. Use embroidery thread to sew a mouth onto your sock monkey.2. Take the toe that you cut off of the second sock for a hat. Turn up the outer edges to create a brim.

And we're sewing!

We drew a line with a marker so we could see how far we needed to sew up.

Sewn together monkey legs

Babies love stuffed socks!

I have a bad caption for this but I will refrain! Stuffing the monkey.

Tail waiting to be whip stitched on!


After sewing on the arms and making a neck by gagging the poor monkey.

Sewing on the heel for a little mouth

Heart eyes and a bow for the little Frenchie Monkey. Holly made this one.

Monkey Love! I made the yellow one. I stitched on a little smile and eyes. So it would be more baby friendly.

My little monkey friend.

 As always, when you see good pictures on my blog, they were taken by Holly. We had an fun time making these. I am sort of thinking about making some Halloween monkeys from the cute knee socks Walmart is selling 2 for $5.00.

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  1. So cute! I love that little monkey!!

  2. So cute! I made my first one a few weekends ago for my granddaughter. She absolutely loved it!! I stitched a heart on the chest and her initials on the tail just to personalize it a bit.

  3. I absolutely loooove this! A halloween sock monkey, I must try that!