Thursday, October 7, 2010

We have been reblogged!

This morning I got a link that my pictures of the dogs and I had been reblogged on a cute Jack Russell Tumblr site. I hope that the title of the blog doesn't offend anyone. If you like Jack Russells, this is a fun site to look at.

Tiamia is an up and coming fly ball phenom!  She has been doing really well at her lessons. Last night she snagged her toenail on something and it was bleeding all over the place. Poor thing is a trooper, she got her foot wrapped and kept going. She was limping this morning when I put her outside. Hope she makes a speedy recovery!
Tia at the dog swim at the Blacksburg Frog Pond pool. Look at those legs!


  1. what a cute dog ...haha. I have Shelties and a Westie. They are really smart dogs, I love them.
    Cute page and thanks for visiting.