Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rise and Shine Day 3 & Wild Wednesday!

Taking care of Tia and Tre in the morning can eat up a bunch of my time. They act up if I leave them out while I am at work so they have forced me to lock them up in the their crates.
In their new crates
I have to make sure that they have food and water before I leave in the morning. This doesn't seem like a lot but in the morning I move really slow and it takes me a lot of time.

So at night I fill up their food bowls. They are Jack Russells so they only need about a cup of kibble. Pampered Chef makes 1 cup glass bowls. They are awesome because the dogs can't chew them up and they are small enough for me to tuck in the corner of the crate.
dry food  in Pampered Chef bowls with a little treat on top.
everything set out on top of the TV
Since their kennels are out in the livingroom, I set the food bowls and a cup of water to fill their water bowls with on top of the TV.  All I have to do is dump the water in the bowls, put the food bowls in the kennels then finally throw the dogs in. Sometimes Tia runs off and I have to drag her out from underneath the bed but Tre is usaully so impressed with the dog treat that he runs in there on his own.

Sunday is Halloween and do you know what your pets are wearing??

This is the best dog costume ever. I have been laughing about this all day!

credit: Stacie Joy
If you don't know who Antoine Dodson is, do yourself a favor and Google him. Too funny! Go to the Gothamist to check out the rest of the really great dog costumes! There's a doggie Lady Gaga and lots of other clever costumes!  I set up a linky below if you want to post anything about your animals!

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  1. That picture of the doggy at the end totally made me laugh out loud!! So funny!! :)