Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kelly's Korner- Show Us Your Kitchen!

I have had so much fun with Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Link Ups!  So many people let such nice compliments. It's a lot of fun looking at what everyone else has going on at their homes!

So here's my kitchen!

My kitchen has a good amount on pink in it. I love the color pink. This apartment is special to me because I picked it out all by myself after my divorce. At 29, I had never lived all by myself. I had a lot of fun picking out whatever I wanted and not having to worry about compromising with another person.

11th month anniversary flowers from Josh.

Dark pic on a really sunny day. Doggie bowls.

I can't wait for the glass top stove at the new house. The burners  on my stove are all wonky and I have to prop up the panhandles so things like pancakes will cook evenly!

This is a piece of Laura Ashley fabric tacked up with some push pins and gathered with some safety pins.

I don't like a lot of junk on the front of the fridge but I'll pile it on, on the side. I have my undergraduate school, Old Dominion University and my graduate school Virginia Tech represented on my fridge!

I bought this coffee maker just for me! It only makes 4 cups but that's enough for a single girl like me!

The top shelf is bad news! I am afraid of something falling on me every time I open the pantry!
Thanks for dropping by this week! I can't wait to see other kitchens and get ideas for my new house!


  1. your shelf is your hoarders place! :) i love your flowers, your boyfriend is so sweet! and the star above your oven is also amazing. i love it when people have those stuck up on the outside of their houses!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment! I do hoard party supplies and other things up there that I probably don't need! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Beautiful kitchen!! I hope to have a Kitchen Aid mixer one day, love them!! Love your curtains and your kitchen looks great!

  4. So cute! I love how you have added little touches of your own.

  5. What a sweet kitchen - I am like you with magnets on the fridge but I also put mine on the front!!


  6. I love this kitchen! it's absolutely adorable!!! :-)

  7. Goooo Hokies! :D

  8. Thanks for stopping by to see my coffee kitchen! I ADORE your curtain. Beautiful! And I don't mind admitting I'm jealous of your Kitchen Aid mixer. One day....

  9. I love that you tacked up your valance with push pins! I do the same thing! lol

  10. Love your Laura Ashley curtain. I love pink, too!