Monday, October 25, 2010

Rise and Shine! Day 1: Clothes really make the girl

When I like my outfit, I feel a lot better about myself and my day seems to go better. When I wake up 20 min before I have to do to work, I end up pulling on something that usually isn't that appealing. When I put together my outfit the night before, I am usually able to put together something that I like. When I am not rushed I can accessorize my outfit and actually wear the jewelry that I have.

This is a picture of an outfit that I put together the night before

Here's the steps to putting it all together so you can jump out of bed and pull it on:
  1. Figure out what you're doing the next day. Is it a jeans day or do you need to look a bit nicer. I have to do customer service at my work so I can't do jeans.
  2. Pull out the outfit. Does it need to be ironed? Is it covered in dog hair? Take care of this now or find something that's ready to go.
  3. Put out all of your under things! I have my underwear and bra hanging off the hanger. I also have my tights hanging over the skirt hanger. I like to verify that I have tights to wear the night before and that they don't have runs!
  4. This sweater has a bow on the collar so I will just wear my necklace from Josh. This is the step where I usually decide what jewelry I want to wear. I hang it over the hanger or I set it out on my dresser where I will see it in the morning.
  5. Shoes, shoes, shoes. I don't keep my shoes organized, that's a whole other post though! I pick out my shoes so I am not digging through my closet for a pair or trying to decide which pair I want to wear.
  6. Depending on time of the year pick out the coat or jacket that you will wear.
I usually hang my outfit up in the bathroom or over my closet door in the picture. Even if I don't do anything else the night before, having an outfit ready to go saves me in the morning.

When do you put together your outfits? On the fly? All at once? Let me know!

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  1. You are so well put together! I get dressed in the dark. No, seriously, I do get dressed in the dark. Hopefully that doesn't make you say "oh, that explains it"!