Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deal or No Deal?

So on Saturday morning (11:30 ish) I was driving by the Blacksburg United Methodist Church. They were having a yard sale at ended at noon. I went in to see what "treasures" they had left. When I walked in the church ladies told me that everything was half off because they were shutting down. They had a lot of junk but then I saw the lamp that I had been searching for! I thought that it had to be this Pottery Barn lamp. It had the price tag of $25.00 on it but it was 1/2 price!

image: Pottery Barn

I flipped the lamp over and it said Ott lamp. I had seen these to Joann's. They're a fancy kind of sewing/crafting lamp. I thought it's even better if it's a fancy crafting lamp. It happens to be this lamp on the Joann's website.

image: Joann's
I did notice when I looked into the lamp shade that the light bulb socket was really odd looking. I didn't think that it was an issue that it took different bulbs. I bought the lamp home and googled OTT light bulbs. So my $139.00 lamp on sale, that I bought for $12.50 only takes $30.00 bulbs! Josh and I went to Lowe's to see if we could find an off brand bulb that would work. We tried 2 that looked like they work but no luck! It all suddenly became clear why someone would give away such a pretty lamp! Does anyone have a source for light bulbs that work with these lamps?

Have you ever seen such a thing?

In my apartment. Please excuse the naked couch! The slipcover was in the wash!
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  1. I have the same lamp. I got the replacement bulb at Amazon. Try this link:
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001GIP2X0/ref=oss_product. Also a word of caution...this lamp tips over easily and when it does the bulb shatters into a million pieces. We are on our 3rd bulb. If it happens again I will be leaving mine at the church yard sale. Hope this helps.

  2. Nice find! Too bad the light bulbs suck, it's like the fancy eco-friendly ones at my house that you can only buy at the place across from Lowe's. Maybe they would have what you are looking for! Like Southern Electric I think is the name of it?

    PS it is trash picking time in Blacksburg, there is tons of crap up and down the side of my street!