Friday, October 15, 2010

Show Us Your Office: My Cubicle

I don't have a home office but I work in an office 40 hrs a week! I work at Virginia Tech's Graduate Admissions and Academic Progress. I have a little cubicle all to myself! I like to keep it cheerful and fun.

I got this flyer at a speed dating event. The guy was an international student. I hung it up by my desk because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. He's a real catch! He knows what he wants out of a woman. He comes right out and says that you can't be obese but you just have to be beautiful in someone's eyes!

I am addicted to chapstick! I made this little dish by spray painting it bronze and bedazzling it with little rhinestones. Put in your orders now for Christmas!!

More little junky things by my desk.

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner Show us where you live today. Check it out! It's a lot of fun!


  1. Just landed on your blog from Kelly's Korner and I live right by virginia tech!

  2. Love your little office space! AND the Hello Kitty! :-)