Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am a Weiner!!!

My sweet officemates keep winning things in blog contests. Tons of books and a ritzy chandelier!  I think that they could tell that it was starting to really bug me! When I came back from my class today, I found this amazing gift basket!
It turns out I won a very exclusive blog giveaway from Acting Up With Books and My First Home!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!
This sucker is burning a hole in my Coach purse already!

A joint giveaway with even a non-blogger joining in?

I have been looking for this key all my life! THE KEY TO MY DESTINY!!!
Thank you Holly, Joli and Janice! This gift basket blew me away!

In other big news! My Dad sent me a Amazon gift card for my birthday! I used it to buy a bulb for my 
OTT lamp that I bought at the church garage sale. You can read more about that here. I popped the bulb in and it WORKS!!!! 
I love the look on little Tia's face! It's so dramatic! It's like we don't have any lamps in the house!

In not so lucky news! My laptop is dead! Lucky for me, Josh loves me and is letting me use his laptop. I hope I win a pink laptop that I can't break sometime soon!

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