Saturday, November 13, 2010

Show Us Where you Live! Apartment Bathroom

I think that I came up with some good fixes for this bathroom. My apartment is older but it's not too outdated for the most part. The bathroom is another story. There are all kinds of strange and ugly stuff going on! Thanks Windsor Hills! I have managed to make the bathroom livable!

View from the hall

World's ugliest bathroom light fixture! I was trying to come up with a way to replace it and  still get my deposit back. I couldn't because the room's only outlet is inside the cabinet.

I spray painted (mocha) and and screwed a set of brass door knobs to the wall so I can hang my bath towels on. If you look at the next picture, the towel bar that is installed is pretty worthless. I would rather my towels not drag into the the toilet!

See the bad towel bar? I don't have any counter space so I keep my cotton balls and q tips in the jars. I have my  breast cancer ducky that my friend Kat made. So cute that I can't stand to use the soap that it sits in.

This is a laundry hamper! It is muy ugly. It's rusted out in the inside. It reminds me of EVA from Wall E. I usually hang my robe up over it! If this was my house, I would have ripped it out and dry walled over it.
. This is a two for one post! These are pictures of the master bathroom in our new house in Louisiana. It's a huge improvement over what Josh and I have now. I do want to change some stuff but it's all newer stuff and it's clean!

I want to frame out the mirror and talk Josh into letting me paint the vanity.

I am going to build, built in shelves to go over the toilet in this little nook.

I am linking up to Kelly's Korner Blog. Go check out all of the other bathrooms! 

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  1. hey! cool hamper. if u hate it, and still have it, I'll take it off your hands!