Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wild Wednesday! Fancy Dog Crates

Tia Mia & Tre locked up!

On my birthday weekend, I went out and bought new wire kennels for the dogs. I won't show pictures of the travel crates that they used to stay in because they were le ghetto and my dogs would probably get taken away from me! So new crates that match each other was a huge improvement! I currently have these crates out in the middle of the living room. In the next house the crates will be in the garage or in one of the extra bedrooms. I was interested in masking the "cages" I have in my living room. I am going to just live with it for now but there are some really cool dog kennels out there that are really stylish if you want to spend the money.

credit: Den Haus
This is a great crate makeover idea. The owner incorporated the crate into a support for her desk. I really like this idea! I got two dog crates to work with too!

Credit: Design Sponge
Ha! My dogs would never lay nicely in their kennel like this! Credit: Cratehaven



  1. I love the crate that is part of the desk so much! Ditee would gobble that right up. Look at Tia and Tre in their ritzy new crates!

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  3. All dog crates are so cute and lovely but for me, the best crate is the second one. The style is very modern and it looks so great. I am sure my dog will love that crate.

  4. There are many ways to customize your dog crate and these are great examples of it. Great post.