Sunday, November 7, 2010

What happened this weekend!

I had a good weekend and I needed it!! I just had a hard week dealing with my job and I needed to just relax! The Hokies played on Thursday night so no football hogging up the whole weekend! Here's some of the highlights for my low key weekend!

I re-did a monogramed Christmas Ornament for my sister. She's getting married Decemeber 18th and she is having a Christmas tree instead of a gift table! How cute huh? Anyways I bought this ornament from Kirklands. The ornament is pretty but the tirm and ribbon was a bit cheap-o!

Removed the ribbon and added a wire with some beads to form the "loop" to hang the ornament on.

topped off the loop with a clear bead and made another loop to thread the ribbon in.

I used a white organdy ribbon. I wanted to add more to this but I don't want the ornament to clash with her other decor.
Tia and I went to go watch our first fly ball tournament.  It was really fun to see those dogs in action. There were a lot of Jacks competing. Tia got into it watching too! Hopefully she'll be ready to run at the next meet up!

Tia was barking her head off and pulling at the leash most of the time.

This is a "box". The dogs have to run up and make the ball pop out and run back. Poor 9 lb Tia has to have a good running start to make this happen!
I just liked this little Whippet.

I got a brief explantion of the different ribbon levels. The dog who won the big maroon and white ribbon has been doing flyball for 6 years.

Something totally random and awesome happened at the flyball tournament! There was a book exchange table. In the midst of How to deal with Menopause and a lot of old religious books there was the book that I had been really wanting but was to ashamed & cheap to buy!

Lauren Conrad
I really miss The Hills! I checked out Lauren's blog the other day. She has a really pretty theme. Go check it out!
LC at a recent book signing!

I ended the weekend by making English Muffin Pizzas and salads for Josh and I. My weekend included crafts, dogs, relaxing with Josh and a little eating/cooking so I worked in all of my favorite things. Here's hoping that I have a better work week! I hope you have a good upcoming week too!

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  1. Joli told me about your book. I am so excited for you! When I quit school next semester to write book reviews I am going to need to borrow that from you!