Sunday, January 2, 2011

Roll Tide!

My apartment packed up.

Josh & the head packer guy 

The truck that came to move out our junk!

We left Blacksburg on New Years Eve to head for Louisiana. We spent the night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The night before we left we watched this seriously funny commercial on ESPN.

It was fun to be in the home of U of Alabama for the night. We drove around the campus. Because it was Christmas break, there was no one around. Their stadium is freaking huge. It puts Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech to shame. The fraternity and sorority houses were huge. We ate dinner and went back to our room. The dogs barked their heads off and whined all night the night before so I passed out at 9! We had the cats in a no pets allowed Holiday Inn Express. They enjoyed their stay.
Lil' D hanging out on the TV stand

Ash approves of the all white linens


  1. Where were Tia Mia and Tre? Even I'm jealous that the kitties got to stay in the nice Alabama hotel!

  2. Glad you got to see a real football stadium in the best conference going!! :) Roll Tide!! Go SEC!