Friday, January 7, 2011

Online home shopping

Josh left me to go check in with his unit. I am hanging out in bed with the cats, looking at house stuff on the internets.
We have a little covered patio area at the new house. I want this chairs from Home Decorators. I think that they would be cute to put around a little table. We could also use them inside if we needed extra chairs for the dining room. I want comfortable chairs outside. I hate little tiny bistro folding chairs.
I am on the hunt for a shower curtain. I am not 100% on what I want to the master bath. It has to be Josh approved. He doesn't do floral, pasiley, polka dot or anything frou-frou. I found this shower curtain online at Walmart online. It's only $18.00 and it's 100% cotton so it's not a nasty polyester mess. I can get it shipped to the store and not have to pay shipping and handling if it's ugly in person.
We had the house inspection yesterday. Pretty much everything checked out with our really nice home inspector. He found a crack in one of the guest room windows, that's the only major thing. I doubt
we will close tomorrow. Josh has a reservation for him and the cats until the 17th. Keep your fingers crossed that we can close soon!

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  1. Thanks for updating us on your NEW house! Cannot wait to see more pics! Fingers crossed taht you close soon. We will be closing in early Feb! :)