Thursday, September 23, 2010

Freaking Out

We have a house under contract in Louisiana. We both really like it. We had the home inspection done and the house got very minor dings but one of the problems is the A/C unit drip pan has water in it. I didn't know that this is a problem but the home inspector said that there shouldn't be any water in it. My house in Virginia Beach had a similar issue and the closet underneath the pan always had moisture problems and mold growing on the ceiling. I couldn't store anything good in that closet.
Anyways, we told the homeowners that we want a pro A/C person to come out and look at the unit and tell us what's going on with it. The homeowners are dragging their feet on it and can't seem to get an appt set. I just want to know now what's going on with it in case we need to start looking for another house. It feels like this has being going on forever but Josh says it's been a couple of weeks. I started crying when I was talking about it with him. I am just nervous about it. I told him I won't worry about it or cry about it again until October 15th. I had a diet coke and ate some lunch at home. I am feeling better for now!

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